What are lawyers most afraid of?

Being unfairly judged by potential or real jurors. Retaliate for judicial disqualification motions or report judicial misconduct.

What are lawyers most afraid of?

Being unfairly judged by potential or real jurors. Retaliate for judicial disqualification motions or report judicial misconduct. Suffering “the pain, humiliation and shame of defeat. Lawyers have the unfortunate reputation of being insensitive, indifferent and unsympathetic.

Of course, not all lawyers have this problem, but many, over time, lose the ability to understand (or remember) what it's like to put themselves in the client's shoes. This is likely because the lawyer has dealt with the client's particular legal situation many times, when it is likely to be the client's first experience with the current situation, and perhaps the legal system in general. Like the struggle many doctors face to maintain a good bedside attitude, lawyers should too. After all, clients (and their problems) are the lifeblood of a lawyer's practice and, therefore, of their livelihood.

The Upper Canada Bar Society is truly aware of the whole situation, and also of the related additional misconduct on the part of Bay Street opposing lawyers. For reasons that LSUC has not yet explained to me or anyone else, the Law Firm decided not to seize evidence, did not examine the records of the law firm's case files and trust account records, and did not investigate the related violation. The Attorney General of Canada must be aware of problems with the courts and the judicial system in Canada; the Attorney General of a province, if informed, has the power and mandate to investigate, modify and vary any order of a court within his jurisdiction. People are in serious trouble and so are elected representatives in future elections in this country, when justice is not served, where criminal and civil laws are violated, including by court officials, such as lawyers and others, and allowed to get away with it.

A clear collapse is taking place in this country with elements of deception, bad ethics and constitutional issues. The victimized voices attract the attention of the media and of those few delegates and professionals who may not have been contaminated and can, in the light of serious attention against corruption, decide to participate and help; perhaps, not for selfless reasons, since this positive action from within the “circle (s)” which are under the scrutiny of the media and the public, would bring them to light. National associations of individuals representing themselves in this country, with so many witness accounts, may also be willing to participate in an initial request to file information with the Attorney General of Canada, who then responds to the Prime Minister. The provincial offices of the local attorney general & do not seem to be interested or receptive, at least not in my experience.

The CBC market and others are investigating and trying to hold themselves accountable for the public interest; perhaps this is a way in which several victims can hold accounts in the hope that a door for scrutiny will open. & best wishes for “all the best”. A variation on this theme is the lawyer who hires a great paralegal, assigns bundles of non-billable work, doesn't set billing expectations, and then complains that it was a bad investment. The lawyer, on the other hand, is primarily interested in the legally operational facts that are fundamental to his claim or defense.

Lawyers all over the world can try to convince their clients that they know everything, they can do everything. Now I had to hire an attorney to stop the consent basket motion TO FREEZE ALL MY SALE FUNDS, ALTHOUGH AT THE HEARING THIS WAS DENIED; I was in stage 3 advanced cancer at the time, lost 10 pounds in that week, and my spouse had committed suicide due to serious parental alienation from his borderline ex pd. Everyone refused to take my case, even though they recognized its validity and the strength of the evidence against Bay Street lawyers. I'll be with all of you I stole millions of dollars from lawyers and I can't get justice in this country It's billions of dollars in fraud, crime and corruption and nobody cares in Canada They use my money to get me out of business They're thousands of workers working in GTA cash without deductions and there are no payments from WSIB and CRA and no one cares it matters only the criminals who control the system in Canada and with all the billions that take away from us and turn against ourselves.

The judge also denied me permission to cross-examine the lawyers and the “private investigator,” all of whom testified, on which the court relied on to convict me and send me to prison. This checkbook approach to legal practice also means that the lawyer doesn't have time to market, it's just not a priority until it is, and then, it's often too late. Unfortunately, writing assignments often rewards those who produce the most content, and this can sometimes become a habit, especially for younger lawyers. Lawyers with this type of attitude can allow the practice to consume them fully, with not so surprising consequences.

Second, the lawyer is trying to manage the client's expectations because often reaching a compromise or agreement is in the client's best interest. When my lawyer appeared at the appeal hearing, the opposing counsel refused to shake hands, saying that he would not shake hands with an attorney who filed a motion stating that a colleague had deceived the court. I turned to more than a hundred lawyers in Ontario to ask the court to overturn my contempt conviction. .


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